Horde is forging a path between business and aesthetics. Not content to choose between software that works or software that looks good. Horde believes that good-looking software can be more functional and help you get more done, more quickly.

Personality and Opinion:
Compete, Advocate or Die

Horde is made up of a group of a diverse folks of from different work background, countries and life experiences. More than a feel-good mantra, bringing a competing set of views from a variety of backgrounds to the table to bring the cream of the software to the top of barrel. You don’t surround yourself with “yes-men/women/people” and we don’t either. If you do, we may not be for you. We have a lot of personality and strong opinions.

Useless Nevermore

You should never pay for software or a solution that you didn’t want or thought you wanted but didn’t actually need. Horde builds software and solves problems in short chunks. We’ll help you find that first problem that needs solving, pare off everything else that doesn’t bring you value and solve the problem. If that’s all you ever have us do for you, that’s great. We think you’ll be back, though. Business is full of challenges that, increasingly, technology can help you with.

Non-Traditional Software/A New Kind of Customer

Horde is fighting to bring highly productive and well-designed software (both functionally and visually) to industries and businesses who have too-long been held captive by “good-enough.” Industries like transportation, logistics and manufacturing have long-suffered under the yoke of clunky, ugly but marginally functional. Well-designed software improves efficiency. Well-designed software draws you and your fellow-workers back in get your job done. Well-designed software removes one more barrier to getting that task done you’ve been dreading.

Bifurcated? Trifurcated? Fractured?

Most businesses have a variety of software, processes and systems that have you reading information from one piece of paper, screen or device and then writing, typing or tapping it into another. Five hours a week? Ten? Twenty? Countless wasted. That stinks. We think we can get all of these to do what we learned in kindergarten; to play nicely together.

A Giant Robot

We’re not magicians. That is, there’s nothing in our software or processes that is magical or that you can’t find someone to help you with later. Our goal is that, if our offices are destroyed by giant robots, the folks you bring in after our funeral will not be shocked or perplexed by what we’ve done. You’ll never find that we’ve built something that only we can help you with. Perhaps we should rethink this, but not just yet.

Distributed. Cloud-Centric. Buzz-Wordy.

Your physical infrastructure is vital, but not irreplaceable. The justification for maintaining your own servers, back-up and physical infrastructure is decreasing, rapidly, every year. Unless it’s not. “But Horde is a software company. Isn’t this a server and traditional IT concern? You’re called ‘Horde Software,’” you say? How you host is as much about “what” as “where.” The time may come to host your logistics software and and accounting software “in the cloud” (I envision flying castles when I say this, btw). Alternately, your operations may be best served with a set of server safely in the closet in the back office. Horde will help you know which is the case. Your processes, software and solutions are the primary driver of this decision. Plus, if we include a paragraph about “cloud computing” on our site, really important “business types” are more likely to take us seriously. Next year, we may replace this paragraph with something else.